Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey everyone ! 

How has school been going for everyone ? :) For me it has been a little overwhelming but I am beginning to get more use to it ^^ Now I know I have been MIA so here is my little update ! 


I went for dinner with a few friends and I went with a more natural look :) I didn't wanna seem like I was overdoing anything as it was only dinner ^^ This is a super natural look which I think is good for people with glasses and pretty natural for school :) The camera doesn't pick up much but the look has some depth to it :) it doesn't look over done ^^ Tutorial Possibly? 
I also did my own hair WITHOUT a curling iron or straightener, that means its healthy on my hair, like really really healthy!!  Tutorial possibly also ?    


Here is what I wore to the dinner that night so I decided to dress down my makeup because of it :) the buster top is super cute and is still somewhat summery! So I love it and I mean if you have a toned body or still a tan it is definitely the right way to show it off with out being too much depending on how you decide to pair the outfit :) Bathroom picture heehee >.< 

So here was the little haul I had because with back to school I wanted a fresh start and these were great finds :) I number coordinated them so everyone can get an understanding of what everything is ^^ Also for any Canadian viewers these are some current bargains at some stores in Canada so I am just sharing some bargains I found :)