Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School Tips!

Can you believe it's almost that time of year again :( I miss you summer! Come back! !

But regardless here's a little post on tips as to how to get ready! :) 

1. Deodorant 
Please please bring deodorant! Not saying you smell don't get me wrong. It's just sometimes you want to be presentable and I mean I don't know about you guys but even if I'm not active I am sweating! So I'd rather be prepared ! Now with deodorant you can choose to keep this in your locker or if you have a mini one you can keep it in your backpack ^^ 
I enjoy this one because I sweat a lot and it helps stop that and makes me smell great! Plus it's pretty budget friendly coming in at around 5 dollars :) 

2. Body Spray
I know you already have deodorant! you are probably thinking that will do, but ! Sometimes sweat gets into your clothes and then even with deodorant you won't smell pretty. So grab a body spray ! I am going right away to get myself a mini size body spray from bath and body works. This way you can keep it on you or put it in a little locker :) 
I got a lotion in this scent and I think I will enjoy the miniature scent of this one :) Also SPC card holders in Canada get extra discount! Be sure to grab yourself a SPC card if you are in School or are in University! Its a great deal, for a 9 dollar card you can get discounts off of tons of things! 

3. Toiletries 
Alright Ladies lets be honest here. Mother Nature can be a real pain! She's really good at pulling one of those surprises on you ! So bring pads and tampons! even if it isn't for yourself, you might be able to save a friends life with one of them! 
Oh yes and Advil because you never know what comes with mother nature. I mean symptoms we face every time of the month is also very unpredictable :P 

Monday, August 20, 2012


Been up to so many many things but here are some pictures of my adventures lately and what I've been up to!
I loved having my nails like this I feel so glamorous :) 
Comment if you want a tutorial on this !
I tried hair chalking on my hair! I love it so much :) this is a technique in which you use soft pastels ! its super easy and is harmless to your hair :D 
Comment if you want a tutorial on this too ! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Humid Weather Essentials !

So I went to Hong Kong ( so hoooottt )-____- but I was able to experiment and figure out what works really well and what doesn't :) So this is like a humid weather essentials/ some of things I use in my everyday routine !
I'll start with morning when I get up from my beauty sleep ^.^
I use a tea tree oil cleanser I get mine from
I really do enjoy this cleanser as its nice for a morning wash, as it helps wake you up and since its so natural it feels very fresh on the skin ^^ 

It's not very clear in the picture but this product is 99% organic it doesn't have any parabens or anything in it! I find after changing over to use organic products my face hasn't broken out as bad as before when I had used chemically infused products.

I use to use a toner from the same line it was a tea tree oil cleanser, but currently I have changed over to a different toner I found in Watson's in Hong Kong
here is the original one I usually use

Here is the new one I got in Hong Kong

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello Lovelies!! :) 

I know I am so horrible I haven't blogged in so so long ! I have been on vacation for pretty much a month straight going from Cuba, Hong Kong and Taiwan. BUT I am finally back home and blogging ! I miss blogging so much! I have been well and super jet lagged -____- but surviving ! How has every ones summer been ? COMMENT BELOW let me know ^^ It's time to catch up! I have some pictures from my trip to share with all of you and some more beauty blogs in the progress! 

For my Hong Kong trip my friend came along with me so it was super fun! we went and took some sticky pics which are pretty much non existent here in Alberta :(
We also met up with my best friend there in Hong Kong! I don't get to see her often so we had loads of fun bowling, talking and catching up ^^