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BB Cream Review: My Favourites!! :)

BB Cream Review 

Since some people asked me to do a review of the BB Creams I have used before and I like :)  Here are my swatches
Here are the 3 BB creams I use the most. On the far left that is my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in # 23 
The one in the center is my Skin 79 Pink Label BB Cream.
The one on the right is my Skin 79 Gold Label BB Cream. 
Here is my second swatch after about 5 minutes when the BB Creams have oxidized( I will explain later what this is)
Ok now on to the good stuff :) 

First Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23
This BB Cream feels so so light! This is a cute tube like packaging with a pump which makes it sanitary and it has a lid to cover the top to prevent a mess! This BB Cream helps whiten the skin, helps even out skin tone, has SPF 42 and helps to moisturize the skin. The unfortunate thing about BB Creams is that the color selection isn't wide, but I find that this product oxidizes. What I mean by oxidizing is, when this product is exposed to the air it becomes a darker color and it adjusts to my skin better. Unfortunately though the color is still a little off for me and so I just dust  bronzer all over to fit my skin tone. Other than that though I love this product! I love how it helps with evening out my skin tone! :) it gets very dry here in Canada where I am sometimes and so this is very hydrating and it feels so light on my skin I love it! Much lighter than a foundation but has great coverage still! 

Coverage: This one is a light coverage, but it still lightly covers your blemishes. For blemishes that are red or for hyperpigmentation spots you might need  a little extra concealer to cover those spots.
Shades: I believe their is 3 shades.. correct me if I am wrong! 

Scent: it smells flowery, the smell doesn't bug me and it isn't strong smelling at all. So for people who don't like scents this may be a warning? I don't mind the scents I find once you put it on your face the scent doesn't last for a real long time. 

How to Apply: You can apply with a foundation brush, stippling brush or even just your fingers ^^ 

For people like me who have no time sometimes in the morning applying with your finger is the best because it is very blend able! 

Price: Ranges form 12.99-23.99CAN it just depends on where you get it, if you get it from official BB cream sites they are full price but if you get them off of eBay they are discounted ( BEWARE OF IMITATORS! I WILL TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE) 

Rate out of 5: I would rate 5/5! 

Second Review: Skin 79 Pink Label
This Skin79 BB cream is medium to a slightly heavy coverage. The packaging is super cute and very sanitary since it has a pump! This BB cream can be layered to be thicker and if you have hyper pigmentation and some blemishes you can definitely build the BB cream to cover it or cover it with concealer also :) This BB cream helps even out skin tone, helps whiten, helps with sebum control and has SPF 25 I didn't like this BB Cream for winter because here where I am in Canada it gets really dry :( So this BB Cream didn't moisturize my skin enough and it made it more dried out, but for the summer months (like right now!) this skin helps with my oily skin. It has definetly helped with my oil control now and has helped me even out hyperpigmentation. Although it is medium to slightly heavy coverage it doesn't feel all weighed down on my skin, So I also love this BB Cream. There sadly is only one color for this BB Cream, but again I just use bronzer to get it to my skin tone. ALSO a reminder to people this BB Cream comes out quite ashy, but when it oxidizes I find it looks much better!

Coverage: Medium to slightly heavy

Shades: Only one shade :( 

Scent: This one also has a floral scent to it and it definetly doesnt bug me but I understand fragrance does bug some people. I find once this one is applied to my face the smell isn't present anymore. 

How to Apply: Foundation brush, Stippling Brush and FINGERS! 

Also for quick application because it can be applied with your fingers and its very easily blendable! 

Price: Ranges from 15.99 to 26.99 CAN

Rate out of 5:  4/5 because it can't hydrate my skin in dryer months, but I still do love it ! 

Third Review: Skin 79 Gold Label
This one is good for middle age women as well as everyone else ^^ this BB Cream helps with whitening, wrinkle improvement, evening out skin tone and has SPF 25. I find this one is good for both summer and winter months. This was especially good in the winter months because I found it really moisturized my skin! ^^ This is also a medium to slightly heavy coverage. This is much like the Skin 79 Pink Label you just have to layer it to cover blemishes and hyperpigmentation or you can cover with concealer. This also is very light on my skin! I don't really have wrinkles and so I don't know how that works out for me unfortunately -____- it has helped me with lightening my hyperpigmentations ^^ I don't feel like its weighing down my face or anything like that! I love this BB Cream. the packaging looks sleek and it is very sanitary because it has a pump at the top! 

Coverage: Medium to slightly heavy 

Shades: One shade 

How to Apply: With a Foundation Brush, Stippling Brush or YOUR FINGERS! 

Price: Range from 16.99 to 38.99

Rate out of 5: 5/5 

So here are all my reviews. Sorry it is so long -____- their is just so much to say! So when buying online like  from the SKIN79 BB cream look for this label because you want the actual thing not immitators.
The label should be on the bottle not peeling off or anything like that. So be careful and watch for imitators online! I buy mine from EBay ^^ Honestly some people may say that this is a bit pricey, but I personally will pay for it because it is way more than just a tinted moisturizer! It has benefits for your skin! and isn't as cakey as a foundation! Although for now I only am recommending Asian BB Creams I haven't been satisfied at all by Americanized BB Creams because to me they just feel like tinted moisturizers. My friend has this Garnier one and I really don't like it. I also tested out the Marcelle one on my hand at the drug store and I really just don't like it sorry :(
THANK YOU for taking the time out to read my blog :D I really do appreciate it! Would you guys like me to do a Blog on how to apply BB Cream ? Please do let me know! and what BB Cream do you think I'll like and should try next? Until Next Time 

~~ Cherry 8

PS I am not affiliated by any of these companies for this review! These are all my own opinions 

PSS Remember what didn't work for me may work for you ! Let me know what is your favourite ! ^^ 


Allison said...

You have great product reviews!!
And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you! its my pleasure just sharing some love! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Yes of course, following!
Much Love

Tanesha-Marie said...

Lovely product review and some great BB creams :)

Tanesha x

Erin Daly said...

Great Post, really want to try out some BB creams!x

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you for stopping by to comment I really appreciate it. :) maybe we can follow each other?
Much Love
Cherry ~~

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you! Give them a try! For some of them you can get smaller sample sizes or just smaller sizes in general for yourself to try. ^^ this way if you don't like it you don't spend too much money or waste too much product. :) thank you for taking the time to read and comment!
Much Love
Cherry ~~

Melissa said...

Now I wanna buy the Missha BB cream! :p but I think I have to find one that's for oily skin.. thanks for this post!

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you for taking the time to read and post! It depends on how long you need to have it on for and how oily your skin gets but for me setting it with powder works for a good 6-8 hours. :) maybe we can follow each other?
Much Love

Lucy said...

This was a really interesting read! I still need winning over on the BB cream front.. At the moment I'd much rather use a foundation!
I tried a few samples of the Garnier product but the coverage was really poor
Hopefully they'll bring out some more succesful ones soon :)

Lucy x

Faux Guru said...

Wowza. You sure know your BB creams! I just bought the Dr. Jart one and hope to try some more!!

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Totally understandable! American BB creams just don't compare! if I could recommend one for you I'd say try the Missha one but of course I understand you have your own preference ^^ thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Maybe we can follow each other?

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thanks! I just think it's good for people to know what they are putting on their faces and what benefits they get out of it. :) I have yet to try a Dr. Jart one let me know how it works for you ^^ thank you for taking the tome out to read and comment!
Much Love

Irina Dementia said...

I absolutely love Missha too BB! It's got really good coverage - I'd say medium to heavy and it's definitely buildable. It matches my skin tone perfectly! Many people say that the scent is disturbing but I've actually grown to like the smell. It does disappear after you apply it. I find using my fingers is the best way to apply it and I just love this product.:)


Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I am glad you like this product too it's one of my favorites! Thanks for dropping by! Following. :)
Much Love

Courtney said...

I have just purchased the Stila BB cream, I actually REALLY love even out my complexion and makes everything smooth! I find it funny that it doesnt contain an SPF...but it doesnt bother me because my moisturizer has SPF 40.

I really want to try out a TRUE Asian BB cream. I have no idea where I can get them where I live, but once I am finished with the Stila one I am going to maybe try and order online. :)

Following you :)

xox Courtney from Strawberree Swing

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I know BB creams are just so awesome :) You can definetly get the true asian BB creams on ebay or on their official site :) Thanks for dropping by! I am following :D
Much Love